Muqi's Guide to School
by Muqi - September 09, 2015 at 09:45 PM
1. Study a fuck tonne during Summer period
2. Don't do any work in class
3. Proceed to get kick ass test scores
4. Everyone thinks you're a genius
5. Teachers let you get away with breaking any rule, including skipping all classes
6. Join the Tech Crew or Library volunteer team (or any other place with a sort of VIP area)
7. Spend lesson time pacing backstage or reading shitty university textbooks in library cuz your school work is boring af cuz too easy.
8. Have people think you're all mysterious but actually you're fucking lonely as hell
9. Your girlfriend dumps you for being too distant
10. Drink plenty of bleach before exams for concentration
11. Goodbye cruel world....

Stay in school kids.
this works thx muqi
uuuummmm im in GT in 1st grade and this stuff don't work loser reported
what a faggot
brb killing myself.
Thanks muqi! With this guide everybody at school loves me! You just forgot on important step, drink shots of bleach before exams! they help you concentrate :D

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