Muqi's Existential Crisis Part II
Banned for a day, for disrespect. It gave me time to think. Why am I so drawn to this site? Perhaps the impending doom I know I face is ignored when I am on raidforums. Is that cowardly? To run away from this sadness. Perhaps it would be better to drown in my nihilism and kill myself whilst I am young. Ah but once I have resolved to kill myself it will have been too late. And the act of killing myself would be just make everything even more absurd. So the question remains: in a meaningless world how can one live apart from distracting one's self? I believe if I knew the answer to this I would be a very wealthy man spiritually speaking, possibly the richest.

So here I am having wasted another day of my short pathetic life without meaning on a site where my post will receive probably 10 views. Why, how miserable. But for now, I like shitposting Kappa.

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