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Mugabe Arrested
So, news broke today that Robert Mugabe is under house arrest as the Zimbabwe Army takes over.... but they claim there is no coup? I mean isn't that basically a coup?
I'm not aware of what's been going on in the region so not sure what's lead up to this, all I know of recent news with Mugabe is th award he was gonna be given by the WHO, but it got taken away lol.
that seems to be a coup and the army's trying to hid it.

"There has been no direct comment from President Mugabe, nor his wife Grace, whose whereabouts are unclear."
I've also heard that the Vice President, who was sacked recently apparently, that his whereabouts are unclear too. The wife Grace, apparently has run off to Namibia. I bet she ran off with the Vice President lmao.

Definitely a coup though.
I guess the Army got tired of being paid in trillion-dollar bills that lose half their value every week.

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