Mr. Robot is real
I started watching it and kind of tailed off fairly early on, it reminded me a bit of Dexter.

I should probably watch it again.
Yep. It's a documentary Smile)
What was the point of this thread again? I must've missed it somewhere.
I hope that the third season isn't the last, the show's really great
Some things are real in the show, some are impossible.
I want the show to bring back "vigilante hacker" instead of "corporate takedown drama" tbh
(05-10-2017, 08:57 PM)faggothacker69 Wrote:  I want the show to bring back "vigilante hacker" instead of "corporate takedown drama" tbh

I mean he's hacking the corporation kind of for vigilante reasons, the two arent mutually exclusive
I like the show, and I do think it gives a much closer approximation of how hacking actually works even if it's not 100% true. I appreciate that they acknowledge that a lot of hacking is creative thinking, careful observation, and relying on the code of others instead of just click-clacking away on a virtual keyboard while you fly through cyberspace.
yeah, it exists, even Donald Trump's actions are "decided" by some kind of world company.

By the way, i heard rumors saying that Homer Simpson was seen walking out of a Dunkin Donuts ;-)

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