More ransomware groups and leaks sites
by horacebell - May 17, 2021 at 10:58 AM
Another .onion page that aggregates ransomware groups and leak sites:

Thank You. Sir. ^_____^
thank you so much buddy.....
very helpful informations for researchs
thanks for the post
This is very interesting, thank you. I was wondering what sites I should visit if I was interested in having my own ransomware, so I could go after a few targets and publish data about them. The link provided by the OP seems to be for people who want to see what other ransomware creators have done, and I am more interested in where to go and who to talk to if I want to have my own.
Very Interesting worth checking out
I'm know this page before but I don't try download file on there 😅😅😅
wow interesting! thank you
interesting!! thank you sir
thanks bro, i will note this link too

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