Mitigation And Techniques For Checking If Your Machine Is Already A Bot
by hotsauce - September 28, 2019 at 07:11 AM
There are too many questions some left unanswered from different forums. What are your advance ways or advance techniques to find or check if your computer / machine is already comprimised by a virus/malware/rootkits. There are malware's that are so very persistent like staying in your CPU or sometimes go straight into your BIOS. Please do share for the knowledge of other's as well..

If you already detected those kind of malware/virus/rootkits , the follow up question is how could you secure a compromised machine/computer or remove and mitigate that kind of virus/malware/rootkits?
Well for removal, Malwarebytes then Superantispyware gets most of them. Depends on what kind of fucked it is, you might be better off with a bootable antivirus, like avast's rescue disc.
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