Millie's Homemade Cuck Cream
by KaBob - December 29, 2017 at 05:02 PM
me name's chad townsend and I love men [Image: 9946159bf6b2764190d97c491ba37283af3a95ef.jpg]

Right, this guy HATES donald trump etc. with a passion, so much he started a gab account so he could teach these nazis a lesson!!!

It turns out he has a company that has been on tv called millies homemade icecream which has two stores, 412.709.6579(Open 8EST - 10EST) and 412.404.8853 (Open 12EST to 10EST). Have some fun with them and be creative. For example, his wife looks like she is beaten most of the time so you can mention that. If anyone wants to do further research into Chad's personal numbers etc. that would be grand, make sure to post them here though.

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