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MikeHawk's Attempt At Mod
Hey, welcome to my mod app, I'll go ahead and get the "Thank you for reading and considering" out of the way so I don't have to do it later. Let's get this shit show on the road. Enjoy.

- Have you fulfilled the listed requirements?
1) Truthfully, not all of them, I don't have the daily post requirement as of yet (I'm currently working on it) but I meet every other one.

2) I'm a lot more than 6 months old to the forums, as I registered back in August of 2015 with a little over 2 weeks of online time.

3) I'm willing to not be shy over the mic, however my mic isn't the best of them all.

4) I've become very active again, spending hours on end talking to people in the shoutbox some days, and other days just taking it slow and sitting back and watching the chat and barely talking.

5) I definitely have a positive rep count.

6) Lastly, I'd like to imagine I'm either liked or relatively well known throughout the forum, but that's not for me to say.

- Who are you, what do you do, and how did you find our site?
   I'm MikeHawk, I used to dox YouNow streamers and do the usual pizza sending, so on and so forth, so I know how to raid and how to make it fun. As of now though, I'm currently in the process of learning SQL, Java, and on top of that debating on tackling JavaScript. As well as currently taking my time and learning about Botnets, IRC Bots, lots of pentesting, and forensics. I fuck around with computers in general as well, such as doing repairs and running diagnostics for other people that need help.

   How'd I find RF? Shit, I don't remember all of the details but if I remember correctly I was watching twitch trolling videos on youtube about two years ago and decided to try and look for a way to join in on the fun, or become part of a community that revolves around stuff like that. So, I googled something and RaidForums popped up, and I stuck with it ever since.

- Do you have previous moderating experience?
   Yes, I do. I've moderated multiple shoutboxes on a few separate websites, along with shoutboxes I've just plainly moderated other forums and different sections throughout each one. Lastly, as ironically and kiddie as this is, I've moderated a fuck ton of Minecraft servers ranging back to about 2 years ago.

- What's the biggest thing you've learned since being on Raid Forums?
   Phew, where to start. Probably the most impactful thing as of yet was just different ways to go about learning different coding languages. I've learned not to be completely immature all the time, because over time RaidForums has shown me that there's a lot of time for fucking around, but some times you've got to straighten up and act right even if you don't want to. Lastly, to take a joke, RaidForums has really helped me to learn to just take a fucking joke sometimes.

- Why would you like to be a staff member on Raid Forums?
   I'd like to be a part of the staff team here because to me, sort of just the whole domain of RaidForums, is like a home, and if I'm living in a home, it's something I'd like to help keep nice and clean. RaidForums means a lot to me, because truthfully it's done a lot for me throughout all the time I've been on here, and I'd love to be a part of the team that helps keep it up and running smoothly and help get rid of anything that may hinder it from being the best and the most successful that it can be.

- What would you gain from being a staff member?
   I mean first off, just the experience of being a staff member, and the ability and motivation to meet and interact with new people on the forum. Not only that, but over time I know I'd learn a lot of things, whether it be life lessons or just simple stuff to make me more knowledgeable about computers and such. There's not a ceiling to the things I'd have the possibility of learning.

- What would the community gain from you being staff member?
   I think the community would gain another sarcastic, humorous, and interactive staff member that knows how to just provide conversation and entertainment at most, if not all times. They'd also gain another member who's active in raids when there is one, someone who knows how to dox, someone to possibly teach others about staying secure and private (aka just covering their asses), as well as just someone that'll be there and help you through something if you don't understand it or are just having trouble with something. Lastly, the community would gain just another person to do crazy and/or stupid shit for the sake of a raid or entertainment.

- What's your favorite section on the site?
   Honestly, the Drugs section. Out of all it feels like the one I can relate to and be involved with the most.

- If you could pick a section to moderate, which would it be?
   The Shoutbox, if it's considered a section. If it's not, then the Drugs section, the Lounge, the Dumped Doxes, or even any of the Tutorial sections.

Your Friend,

Good app and you seem like a cool guy but you aren't very active. If you increase your activity I will change my support.

Oldfag and cool guy, but you need to be more active on forums and in geneal. I will change my support once you do that nigga.

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