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Midterm grades!
Midterms! Let's see them midterm grades.

If you haven't got a midterm report card then how are you doing?

English 82
Art 62
Math 72
History 68 
Chemistry/physics 89

Overall I am not happy with my marks and they are a lot lower than last time but I'll do what I can
lol you will never get a job jk
We don't have midterms in uk but my current achieved grades are ABB
mostly 80's and 70's, french immersion
Not sure. I get them through the mail, so I haven't received my final grades.

Last time I checked, I had 3 A's and an F. I'm happy I have only a month of school left.
i dunno lemme check
(04-06-2016, 09:20 PM)Slayer Wrote:  mostly 80's and 70's, french immersion

oooh canadian. immersion is gey
All A's pretty much I think two classes though are 88 or 89 and one F in AP Literature like a 68

For taking 6 AP classes out of 7 total classes I am pretty happy with my grades

I cannot wait to pass my classes and get to add the 10 AP points onto my grades as well
Straight A's
My overall average is a 97.1

Top ten feelsgoodman
Lowest grade was B
fuck guys, my grades are shit compared to you guys. I used to do so good in school then i just stopped trying. Gonna have to get back on track. I remember in grade 9 my marks were:

french 91
math 90
science 97
tech 94
english 99

w h e r e h a v e i g o n e

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