Medieval Twitch
by SmurfMania - November 19, 2019 at 07:18 PM
Medieval Twitch is a very rare medieval-style skin added to the game in 2010
The skin is unavailable since the withdrawal of the program at the invitation of friends in League of Legends (Refer-A-Friend).
To get Medieval Twitch, each player had to invite 100 friends. The uniqueness of this skin lies in the fact that the League of Legends community contributed to its development, as well as in the difficulty of obtaining it even at the beginning of its appearance in the store
Before this skin was introduced into honor capsules, the first owners of the skins, as well as those who had a hand in its creation, were two players Grez and Greyrir Wolfwood, each of whom invited about 350 people to the game, this was one of the record values
Medieval Twitch is made in medieval style and is decorated with a helmet, crossbow and cape. The developers also added new animations and sounds, but if this is not enough for you, then the return animation will be a real surprise for you
In 2015, the invite a friend program was closed and the skin became inaccessible, but looking at the number of friends needed to receive it, you can understand that in those days, getting it was a real feat!
With us you can buy an account with Medieval Twitch already activated on it and impress your friends with this incredible skin.
Initially, before its appearance in Honor capsules, the rarity of the skin was incredibly huge, but even after adding this skin not every player can boast of it, and if in 2020 you think to take or not to take Medieval Twitch, I dare to assure you, this skin is now will amaze your friends and teammates.
Sincerely yours, team!

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