Poll: do you think i (saddam hussein) was a good man?
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Yes, he was better then Jesus.

3 60.00%

2 40.00%
Total 5 vote(s) 100%
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Hello, my name is Saddam Hussein. I was born in Al-Awja, Saladin Province, Iraq on April the 28th 1937 and I'm currently 77. As a young little innocent boy, I never knew my dad because he was an asswhole and he disappeared six months before I came out of my moms pussy. When I came out of my moms pussy, shortly afterward my dad died from cancer, YAY! At ten years old, I left my shitty family to live with my uncle that was known as the anal destroyer in Baghdad. Skipping all my teens because they were boring, as an adult I became the president of
Iraq and was involved in many wars. I no scoped all of the faggots and ddos'ed them with cmd cuz i am a ultra hoxor. 

After noscopping all the little skrubs, I got captured by the fookin cheeky us military cunts and I was takin to custody. In 2006, i was guilty of noscoppin all the cheeky faggits and sent to hang. i faked my death and fled to my uncles basement where i sit on raid forums all day raiding the squeaky minecraft news
(03-28-2015, 12:05 AM)Blood Lust Wrote:  kys jk dont be a dumblr feminist Heart
(03-28-2015, 12:05 AM)Blood Lust Wrote:  kys jk dont be a dumblr feminist Heart

nah man its not a just brb just gonna have a few bleach martinis *cries in spanish*
He Really wasnt that bad, same with hitler.

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