Matching with your combo
by HansoN - June 14, 2020 at 09:42 AM
Why no one would post a tutorial on how to match your hashes with your combo.

This shit would look like this

email:hash (combo)  + hash:password ( = email:password 
Idk if this is a request, but it'll help us out
There are different methods to do this.

1. Import email:hash,  hash:plaintext as 2 seperate SQL tables and use an INNER JOIN clause to match the password to the email ( INNER JOIN user.hash ON cracked.hash )
2. Use explode ( to split the strings in seperate arrays and check when the hashes match ( if (strpos($hash, $hash2) !== false))
3. Method 2 can be done with almost any other language
Aren't there a ton of tutorials in the Cracking section?

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