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Massive Newfag
Wazzup my niggers. I'm here to raid and fuck bitches on the daily. Can you help me with that?
Welcome @AdolphTheNewfag To Raid Forums...
Make sure to read the rules and have fun.

Goodie, and new Adolf Hitler account. The first step is to read the rules, so your stay can be long and worthwhile. Don't get banned for stupid shit like spamming the shoutbox, or breaking any major rules. You know all those major streamers you've probably heard of such as BrittneyVenti? Well, don't raid them. They are b8 and just want the views. And for fucking bitches, sorry pal, you're out of luck. We all virgins Kappa
Welcome to the site! Now you are stuck with Rftechpony in your username. Have fun!

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