Manga/Anime im writing CHAPTER 1
by OP_CHAN - May 04, 2017 at 03:20 PM
A novel I'm wirting this is the first chapter .Alsovturning it into and anime .  called (BLEEDS NO MORE) i have all art finished and almost all story is first chapter

Reminder this is a rough draft i will most likely have typos ,errors ,plot holes,maby some parts wont make sense i have been working on this plot as it is right now for awhile  )

This is a story about a Kingdom named Nephiliam. Named after the mighty warrior Angels from ancient Folk lore.The Lore says that on this very sacred magical land that the kingdoms castle rest on  a Great war was fought here  10,000 years ago,A war so massive ,so influential, so historical, so bloody and evil that in its end it left the ground and planet so devastated and ruined only 12 tribes of humans were left alive and only survived due to making homes and adapting to life deep in caverns.this war was fought between Gods,Angels,Demons,Demi gods, and the most ferocious of all..the ancient frost Dragons..A superior race of Flying dinosaur compared to the mountain lizards we have today.

    (Here below is an example of a made up qoute from a book in my story ,like skyrim and witcher games have books and lore ,so do i in this story.At random events and certain pages and art illustrations i will have pieces like this added,and eventually as the story grows i will have more "in story books" ..this book below im going to have qoutes from this oracle book all in this first story im writing and when you link up and connect all the qoutes together it will be its own short a short story within a book lol i thought it was fun idea)

("The oracles of the Valhallian mountains claim that a race of people from other worlds fought in this war and they mounted and gripped the reigns of some flying iron Dragons or some kind of metal  chariots  that breathed fire that left white smoke in the sky..oh how these Dragons were loud and roared that left the ground quaking sending echos through the moutain ranges that instantly caused all the snow to tumble down ."- Ancient oracle codexium -4,000 BC )        

- this is talking about aliens or just other worldly beings on ufo space jets but the oracles obviously never see that tech before so this is them explaining it the best they can...they dont talk bout it much in person cause ppl think they are liars and crazy so they just put it in a book.

The Kingdom of Nephiliam has been ruled by one very long line of fathers and sons ,one family whos said that the original ruler and founder of the kingdom fought in the great war himself.The current year is 1200 And the current king is named Lord Benjamin ,Lord Benjamin is 37 years old ,stands tall at 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 275 pounds  
Lord Benjamin earned his respect all around the kingdom for his politeness, kind hearted,  rational level minded ,a critical thinker very intelligent and itellectual  and will try to find the smooth peaceful way to work things out ,but when peace cannot be made though another side of Benjamin comes unleashed ,his 2 hours a day of sword play pays off fore he is also known as one of the greatest warriors to ever live.He has one living son who goes by (§ĮŘ LEØNIDAS) Leonidas stands at 5'8 145 pounds with jet black hair..Leonidas is very blunt and can comeoff as rude alot .He is extremely ambitious and the COMPLETE OPPOSITE  of his father in every way ,While Lord Benjamin is always hanging out with the elves and engulfing himself in the elven culture spending all his time with his best friend Voltamere ,  Leonidas grew up 2 resent elves and most everything about them..he couldnt stand all the attention they recieved from his father ..Leonidas really is a slacker when it comes to politics he knows nothing about the requirements and effort it takes to build political alliances and keeo up appearances for the better of the nation,kingdom and all the populace..instead Leonidas takes it all in spite and starts to slowly resent even his father now including the back of Leonidas mind all he really wants is the same love respect that his father gets from everyone else ..he just doesnt want to change anything about himself to get the respect he so yearns for.Alot of his mental issues could be the fault of the loss of his mother,brother and sister .Years ago during a visit to a new market a few miles away in the town of Dowell a group of bandits ambushed them on a secluded path .the guards found the bodies of his family slain with blood everywhere and body parts dismembered.Baby Leonidas was found on the ground laying soaked in his mothers blood miraculously he was left alive.

Just outside the castle gate facing west is the caspian ocean ,on clear windy days you can often spot an Asgardian ship in the distance or sometimes at the Nephiliam Docks the Asgardian Tribes are a  race that deals mostly in Trade and exploration. To the east of the Nephiliam Gates rests the Daenerys forrest .2 miles into the Daenerys lives a small cosey village of Wood Elves these elves are the the number 1 main Allies to Lord Benjamin and also the home of Longtime best friend /battle partner (VØŁŢÅMËRÈ) , and this is no small matter this fresh alliance is the only time the elves have been known to join forces with any race ESPECIALLY human.This rare alliance is due to the personal friendships and efforts of Lord Benjamin to the elven main benefit the kingdom recieves from the alliance is expert skill and knowledge of medicine and healing by witch doctors  and healers and are gracious  enough to help the kingdom when the need arises..we dont quite know how long the elves have been here or where they are originally from .over the past 10,000 years since the holy war massive amounts of historical documents detailing the history of our human race and information on the other races/species have vanished over time ..all we know is they have been our neighbors for as long as this castle and kingdom has been stated before they have always been neighbors and friendly but never until now have they allied or meddled in human affairs due to the needless violent nature of humans and habit of destroying nature needlessly .

            (This next  part  may seem out of order
              But this is just a flashback and here to remind me this flashback gets a illustration)
..some say it be jealousy and felt like he was always in competition with the elves for his fathers love and attention..his envy and distaste grew larger as he entered his teenage years often in school he would bully the elves and start fights ,always taking advantage of the wood elves kindness and generous way of life as is the philosophy and nature of the wood elves to naturally be a compassionate race..Leonidas always saw this way of life as a pathetic weakness fore he was just a ignorant boy and knew nothing about the elves only that they had weird ears ,long noses and were to  nice ..never did foolish Leonidas ever witness the combat skills of the elves though..he only heard long stories from His father about the elves being experts in magic and archery and how his dad would tell him they were the ultimate protectors of the mystical forrest just outside of the kingdom..Lord Benjamin made it a point to always be on good terms with the elves because of their location near the kingdom  and shared protection.Time went on for Lord Benjamin and The steadily older Leonidas who was 17 now ..during the years of 15-16 Leonidas spent most of the days alone or forced to stay with Voltamere while  Lord Benjamin and His army were away at a battle defending the kingdom Allies ..The Asgardians..the Asgardians were not a huge tribe of people but they were still one of the most feared and brutal warriors..Leonidas loved the Asgardians, They were the only race he really ever respected and hung around ..far more useful then those damn useless cowardly  elves who hide in cover of trees and fire off arrows under camouflage...this just was not Leonidas type of combat..He loved the Asgardians way of the axe ,shield and spear.. hand to hand in your face combat was how they fought and how they trained Leonidas to fight close range even against the wishes of Leonidas father who wanted him to take up the fighting style of the elves but the more his father pressured him and kept nagging him on the more Leonidas was determined 2 rebel and take up the Asgardian way of combat..while helping the asgardians defend their land from the vicious minotaur tribes Lord Benjamin gave Leonidas some commands and projects 2 get done while the king was away ..Lord Benjamins best friend and kingdom ambassador  for the elves was named  (VøľŢämërë)  Voltamere was 230 years old but yet only looked 20 ,he stood 6 feet tall  ,medium kind of skinny build ,long blonde hair and blue eyes..he had a scar on his right cheek,he wielded  an enchanted long bow  made from a rib bone of a dragon ,it was decorated with carved leaves and on each end was sharpened edges like a dagger for hand 2 hand combat..not a specialty of the wood elves to do hand to hand combat  but Voltamere was no average warrior he was an elite assassin who fought dozens of battles side by side with Lord Benjamin  they were best friends after all and oh how the civilians,peasants  and people all around loved and cherished him ,Leonidas noticed  everywhere they went together for buisness in place for the king  everyone knew of Voltamere, when entering each city and village children seemed to run full speed and almost tackle him 2 the ground in excitement  and Voltamere always had candy and apples for the kids..This particularly got on Leonidas nerves ,so much that after buisness on the walk back home he brought it up to Voltamere  saying "You really shouldnt be so kind to all the people outside of the kingdom walls ,you never know who is the traitor and plotting against you"..Hearing this Voltamere in suprise to Leonidas actually agreed with his statement ! This causing Leonidas to stop for a moment in his tracks  with a puzzled look on his face..this led Voltamere to explain himself ."Your right Leonidas in the point that especially royalty and heir to a throne such as yourself you are right 2 always be on guard,you cannot drop your guard ,but Leonidas i have walked this earth for 200 years ! When you meet as many people as i have it becomes so very easy to read and judge a persons motives and character as well it is also an elven trait and as far as these villiage peasants go ...well...we are in a peaceful time  and at the moment the crops and food has been plentiful and the people are happy with your dads accomplishments and how he is taking care of everyone we truley are living in a comfortable time right now as far as the villiages near the kingdom goes.These people have nothing but respect for your father and even you Leonidas...maby you should lighten up and start acting a little like a prince who cares for his people"...."YOU CAN SHUT THE HELL UP ! WHAT DOES A TREE HUGGING ELF KNOW ABOUT ROYALTY AND RULING OVER A KINDOM AND ITS PEOPLE !"  Leonidas face at this point was boiled over and red as molten steel from a blade being forged ..He could not stand some elf giving him advice..the son of the most powerful king,how dare him !...."Look Leonidas im not telling you how to walk your path for you i am but only telling you how you can gain the love and respect from your people like the respect and love they give to your father..loyalty is the most important part of a healthy stable kingdom and relationship with the common folk Leonidas "..Voltamere in this moment can sense the rage and frustration and negative energy coming off from Leonidas..wood elves have a gift of sensing energy and the mood of a person can be seen by a aurora light that comes off a person only visible by the wood elves..."so much envy ,anger,greed,and hate coming off of Leonidas it only seems 2 be getting worst the older he gets " Voltamere thought to himself..."this is truley getting worrisome i will have to make it a point to bring this up to his father when he may upset him but he will surely want to know of this is important" ...done evaluating the situation and his thoughts in his head now finished Voltamere suggests they start picking up speed and get out of the forrest and to the kingdom before nightfalls which is soon..."hey Voltamere"..Leonidas stops in his tracks and says softly with his head down to the ground..."yes Leonidas "? ...."about what you said back there ...about everyone respecting and loving  my father ,and how i should get them to respect me as well" ..."hey look Leonidas forget it your still young you have other stuff to worry about it just forget it"..."NO !"  "I know its the way of the elves to have kindness and compassion  as a means of gaining respect and thays just how the elves live...but we humans have our own way of going about this !"...Voltamere hearing this cant help but be confused and puzzled as to what the hell Leonidas means and is not sure Leonidas is even sure himself ! .."oh yeah? And how will you go about earning respect like that of the respect of your fathers?" Voltamere asks with a  sarcastic chuckle at the end and a smartass grin ...this look and sarcasm turned Leonidas face blank ...and eyes instantly fully dilated like eyes of a jaguar staring down its prey..."My people WILL respect me ...They WILL love me....because we are not elves...and as a human of my bloodline and royalty....they will have no choice...Im sure i can come up with ways to earn some god damn respect really fast....." .........Voltameres mind in this moment is crowded...he feels his head get very dizzy ...the tone of Leonidas and the way he said this without hesitation and with a dark smile on his face ...Voltamere is in a loss of words and stunned,shocked to the core he suddnely seems to forgot how 2 move...just could this? could this come from the same child i have known his whole could this way of thought and hate come from the blood of Lord Benjamin...Voltamere couldnt help but wonder what Leonidas father would say if he saw this...he would be heartbroken....or would be angry to the point of a knocking some sense into his sons head?....would he even know how to respond?? A million thoughts seem to now occupy Voltameres head to the point he cant think straight...."just forget it....voltamere...lets get back home" ....the sun now vanished below the horizon and the kingdom walls fires lit in the distance as a navigation beakon showing  the way home and lighting the path the 2 are now only but 100 yards away and the gates and guards are in sight ...Leonidas sighs in  he has been on his feet all day doing tedious servent work for his father and his dumbass elf friend he is relieved to see home just in eye sight and not far away ..he begans to pick up his pace and attitude a little more cheerful just yearning for a hot bath and boots off his feet he begins running towards the gate cheering and egging on Voltamere teasing him calling him old man and telling him 2 pick up the pace ! " come on you old bastard were almost there i bet i can beat you 2 the gate ! What do you say old man ! Hahah ! " .." WAIT!" Yells Voltamere while he rushes in front of  Leonidas and places his hand on Leonidas shoulder.."do you hear that?" ...Leonidas holds his breath for a few moments then nods a yes..."ya i hear that ...what is all the commotion at the gates and inside the walls?" Curiosity now consumes the 2 ...."Leonidas stay behind me but stay right on my back and keep up i dont know what the hell is going on but we need 2 go check it out right away" ...Leonidas once cheerful and relieved with his second wind of energy just 30 seconds ago now has a whole new type of energy taken over his body....adrenaline...his heart rate and his chest feels like he has 3  more hearts inside his body all the suddon....after hauling ass to the gate  only about 40 feet away they are stalled behind a group of what must be 30 or 40 people held at the gate in front of the gaurds who are trying to hold back the crowd.."we need to get in front of this crowd and speak to these gaurds Leonidas " ..."ya im on it "!  .pushing,wedging and yelling  through the crowd Leonidas catches a glance at his feet and the cobblestone patch dimly lit but just enough to see the ground ,his feet and what appeares to be a good amount of blood on the ground ...All attention and focus needed Leonidas clears his head and comes to a realization that whatever happened or is happening is something very serious..the blood  trail on the path leading inside the gate was confirmation of just how serious....spotting the blood trail Leonidas quickly turns around to see if Voltamere is still behind him..he needs to find him and let him know about the blood and the seriousness of this confusing event whatever it is taking place..mas soon as Leonidas turns around  Voltamere was already right behind him and already saw the same blood trail ..actually he happened to smell the blood just moments before Leonidas spotted it ...after a few yells ,pushes ..the crowd realizes that its the prince behind them along with Voltamere..."its the prince and Voltamere " a heavy set man 3 or 4 feet ahead of them exclaim...."my god was that body in the wagon that went through the gate really who i think it was?" Cries a random old  woman in the crowd just in hearing range of Voltamere and Leonidas. "NO IT CANT BE ! ..but it Has to be him ! The legion kings guards were escorting the wagon !" Yelled out a young boy standing right besides  Leonidas and Voltamere...Leonidas after hearing these remarks from the crowd feels as if his heart is about 2 explode...or could it be his veins feel like bursting ...with the adrenaline high and fear possessing his body just like that of a demon of evil  ..this is what he feels as he takes off with all his energy,power and might knocking down everyone in front of him trying as fast as he can to get to the gaurds and command them to let him soon as Leonidas took off Voltamere had a pretty good idea about what is going on ...and hes pretty damn sure Leonidas has came 2 the same conclusion.. "LEONIDAS !  ..LEO ! STOP ,COME BACK HERE ! LEONIDAS WAIT A MOMENT BEFORE ! " ..he was 2 late Voltamere reaches the front of the crowd he sees the gaurds have already let him through the gate....Voltamere stops for a moment trying 2 catch his breath ..and at the same time feels an uncontrollable cold freezing spike ,needle like sensation rush down his spine and fingertips soon coursing his whole body like a jolt of electricity...Voltamere enters through the gates ...rushes across the short moat bridge and in his sight just on the otherside of the short bridge..he is at a loss for words and thought not believeing what he must be a has 2 be....he sees the wagon the crowd was talking about ..and just behind the wagon is Leonidas.....down on the ground on his knees with his head in his hands crying out .....(end scene)
i can't tell if this was serious or not, but if it is, then you should like, maybe not include so many cliches n shit

but im uneducated when it comes to filthy weeb shit so idrk
[quote="Muinu" pid='118553' dateline='1493939919']
i can't tell if this was serious or not, but if it is, then you should like, maybe not include so many cliches n shit

but im uneducated when it comes to filthy weeb shit so idk

whats not cliche anymore? -OP

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