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Malware research and coding fags
If you have no idea at coding I would never recommend you to take a nigga site class such as codecademy bullshit
it waste your time plus you have no idea whats going on and it will apparently teach you how to make a calculator no one gives a flying fucks for those indeed and some niggers will tell you its important to go through that hell

Let me tell you something if you gonna learn the coding first thing first is to find a decent documents and in 99 of 100 those are on the official programing language library sub domain or such
Well you get those and read the damn documents and understand the fundamentals so you will be capable of reading the code whatever it is

Now real nigga dont fuck with calculators if it aint money so why not learning to code while writing a modules in metasploits or if you are capable of understand quickly I am pretty sure you would write some simple malwares as test
Those take you less time and writing since most of the effective malwares are not that complex at all

Also reverse engineering malwares would give you pretty much all the knowledge in the coding while the better solution is learning to reverse engineer and code at the same time!

Why not check some already developed mainly to understand how they suck

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Thanks bro very much
Thanks for the share man, really appreciate this. But I belive psyhical books are best
Awesome share man, thank you a lot. +rep
NO physical books are good only to burn those writers

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