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Making A Shitty RPG. Need Artists.
The Title Explains All.

Yes, the game will be filled with dank memes and shit. Yes, it is made in RPG maker. Yes, it will be free and shit. Yes, I need artists. Yes, it will be in a way raidforums based.

Pls help.


1. Artists.
2. More Artists.
3. More Fucking Artists.

If you want to help pls comment or some shit.
Kek, you called?

I have school, but I'm open to do any dank shit. I warn you though, I'm a shitty artist despite my art tourney thing.
Yes, I need art for shit.

RPG Maker Games have tilesets and shit. So for those you need to put art in a certain space, or the sprite will be carried over to another.

I'm not that good with it either. I only know the basics that are needed. Which is okay, but I will learn more while making it.

[Image: kxAxSMf.png] [Image: RYX9uy5.png] The stuff beside the green and heavily colored and black-ish wall can be thine canvis. [Image: 7gLVFUT.png] There also needs to be some shit drawn here.,zYWrSYC,ca4FT19...3l,qbLAkhM

Here's some enemies. You can remove them and draw whatever the hell you want.

Thanks if you wish to do it.
Feel free to add whatever the fuck kind of monster you want, as long as it doesnt consist of an actual photo of an actual dick, vagina, tits, ect ect.

thx m8 Heart
Jesus. Easily there is alot that can be done.

I'll work on the major texture blocks and maybe two enemies from the imgur shit.

The tiny icons, fuck dat for now.

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