Make $100 a day, doing absolutely NOTHING! [WORKING] [2020] [FAST & EASY]
by Sheng0 - November 18, 2019 at 02:55 AM
I will teach you how to earn $100 a day by doing literally nothing. Now you can go on the shopping sprees you desire, best part, this pays out to Paypal and other things, so you dont have to create a new bitcoin wallet, or try to get people to trade you Paypal money for your bitcoin and risk getting scammed!

1. Sign up here, I appreciate a lot if you use my referral link and you will get even more items if you use my link (
2. Take your invite link from the site, and go to here
3. You will now want to go to each discord, join it, post your referral link, you can also do it in my discord, which I also have markets setup, and you can put your link inside of the #promotion for everyone to see! (my discord is )
4. Now you will want to wait, maybe even make a bot or two for collecting your hourly mines, once you start rolling in LOADS of mines, you want to start clicking the block in the middle of the screen until you've reached $100, then select Paypal for your payout
Expect a payout within 1 - 3 days! Enjoy!
Nice, a ref link method, kek
I'd rather get a contractual job tbh.
this type of shit is always sketchy

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