Mac vs PC, Performance Per Dollar
by mastergerber - November 12, 2019 at 09:46 AM
Thousands of debate whether mac or pc is better, always mac is more expensive (apple in general) but why has it not been broken down? For example, I would love to know the % of performance a $5,000 mac is of a $5,000 PC. That alone will dip Apple sales bigtime, why has that never been done?
LMAO it's a really good thread ! Hope to see good aswers !
pc is the best option for me - mac to expensive this days
Gonna be more value from a 5 grand PC than a Mac, for sure. Apple stuff is completely over priced for what it is. I still use a mac for some stuff but they're not cost effective at all.
5k PC can have fantastic custom specs of your choice, a 5K Mac will look shiney and sleek.
if you build a fixed pc there is no comparison you spend less and you have much more ....
not to mention that those mac disgusting are preassembled where you can't change anything (laptop type) even if it breaks ...

if you really like mac mac hackintosh is the right solution ...
performance per dollar has to be pc, to many vendors
pc is the best option for me - mac to expensive this days
i'd rather put 5k into a pc than a mac - macs are usually good enough with a little upgrade or with the base options.
PC, loads of choice it's that simple.
was PC, then MAC, now back to PC
Of course PC... Give me a reason to buy a Mac

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