(Mayhem Makers) | 29k | RS-Related
by Node - May 25, 2017 at 01:37 AM
Name: (Mayhem Makers Clan)
Date: 2015
Rows: 29k
Format: username:email:ip:hash:salt
Hashing Algo: IPB
Type: RuneScape Clan Forum

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Looked for it yesterday, posted here today. You must be a mindreader!
I had only the encrypted hashes.

Thanks a lot!
Finally found this database, thanks!
The link on this thread has been updated as I post this, if you find that the link is down again please report the thread using the report feature.
i will check it
thank you a lot
This is sick man been looking for rs databases.
Can't wait to have a look at this, thanks for the share mate!
thanks mate looks good
nice database!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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