by YorchLR - April 17, 2021 at 11:56 PM
Need help cracking this hash: bffe9032e8c904acd5ae5ef093759ccc
Already tried with 4 dicts and nothing found, also tried and
CMD5? Should work, try it out.
Get a Good VPS and rainbow tables.
If that doesnt work I'm out of ideas
try on
I am cracking for you. Please wait........... I hope to find it for you.
(April 18, 2021 at 04:24 AM)Unkn0wX Wrote: I am cracking for you. Please wait........... I hope to find it for you.

Tried CMD5 (they will notify me if its cracket). Thanks @colosib!
Im trying now with rainbow tables and a 230 GB dict xD. Thanks @Holistic-K1ller
Nitrxgen returned nothing, but thanks too @poltergeist :D
Ok, thanks @Unkn0wX, i'm waiting and trying with diferents rainbow tables now and a big big big dict, lets pray for luck

Further info, I have just discovered the hash is encrypted with this fucntion: md5(_COOKIE_KEY_.$passwd); being the cookiekey something like that: 7oxINWn9ihNci5oODOaJPRJyktpRNZQJjtWXgCOKTvHUmABDcskMQ4Vw and the complete string to being hashed is something like 7oxINWn9ihNci5oODOaJPRJyktpRNZQJjtWXgCOKTvHUmABDcskMQ4Vwveryhardpasswordlolol
After discovering that, I think its near impossible to crack, IDK if im right or not but im going to keep trying
That why the reason gives up now.

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