Lunar Landing
by HackedBounties - March 24, 2017 at 04:35 AM
Cold war HOAX.. One of the biggest pranks in history!!!
People who think it's fake are retarded af tbh
of course it's real retard
We will never know if it's true or not.
No way for us to determine if it was real or not as we're just citizens.
We'd need to see some proof ourselves to know for sure.
I am in the grey area with this topic, but I feel that there are multiple advantages to the US for faking the landing.
Ha. I cant believe this is still a conspiracy theory.

its been nearly 50 years since the landings I'm pretty sure that 1 of the 1000's of people involved would have come out by now if was faked.
how on earth is this crap about a fake moon landing even a thing, seriously ... why would they still have space programs if it wasnt, duh

or why would someone like that elon musk guy be bothering if he knew it was all faked, no way he could keep it a secret too
The lunar landing might be real, but the earth is definitely flat
The lunar landing was real people. How could we have a space station and not have bothered to visit our own moon. The only reason there's been no further visits is because there's no need.

I doubt they even had that great a capability back then to pull off such a convincing hoax.

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