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Lucid Dreaming
I have noticed that some people on this forum are lucid dreamers so I just wanted to make a topic about it  :D . So how much lucid dreams you have in a week? Which techniques do you use or did you try? What are the things you already have done in a lucid dream? And what is your worst sleep paralysis experience?
Its a dream where you know you are dreaming and you can get control of your dream and fuck bitches :D
This is funny because I am a lucid dreamer. I tried many techniques but the one that worked best for me were reality checks. I had watch that used to beep every hour so when ever it beeped I just got into a habit of doing reality checks, and if the phone beeped while I happened to be in REM I would enter a lucid state. I tried a lot of other methods such as WILD but none of them seemed to work as well as just getting into a reality checking pattern.

As for what I have done in my dreams in ranges from a lot of things that I really can't describe in one day but I like to think of it as the movie Jumper. I could start off in the middle of a random dream and hear my watch, 'wakeup' and then go back to skiing in the alps. Sometimes I use the time to practice and learn new skills and come up with new ideas.

I never really had any sleep paralysis experiences but I have had a few moments where I have suddenly woken up and freak out because I fell like I am falling, I have also had some pretty crazy out of body experiences where I would have been in class basically gone into 3rd person. Shit gets weird. It also caused me to have a lot of IRL problems because I was always just wanting to sleep where I could do what the fuck I wanted with no limits.

I have not lucid dreamed in a while though, because I stopped wearing a watch. But I do hope to get back into it some day because it was a lot of fun.
I lucid dream 4-5 times per week and I don't use any techniques (lucky me) and I can tell if i'm going to lucid dream that night or not. Which techniques have u tried? MILD, WILD, FILD, LILD, DILD, WBTB, ...? You could try sleep hypnosis. It worked almost for me but I got to scared of sleep paralysis, lol. Or you can try WBTB + auto-suggestion. (Tried it once and it worked but I find it difficult to go back sleeping).
sleep paralysis sounds incredibly kinky
Ha its not its scary as hell
(04-08-2015, 11:04 PM)disinfo Wrote:  sleep paralysis sounds incredibly kinky

It is scary is hell, when I had this feeling I woke up freaked the fuck out, heart rate goes up. It wasn't like I was in paralysis or anything but it was almost a feeling not being able to feel anything around; as if I was just floating dead with no senses.
^ I woke up laying on my back and the first thing that I thought was "Fuck I'm laying on my back" and I tried to move and I couldn't. I felt heavy vibration and a very high pitch and low pitch sound. I kept my eyes closed because I knew that there was something in my room. I heard my sister screaming and having a panic attack and I also heard footsteps and someone was knocking on the door. I tried to do a Out of Body Experience so I imagined myself seperating out of my body but it didn't work.
I had a lucid dream once where Misaka Mikoto was bending over in front of me, I poked her and she kicked me so hard that it woke me up.
Lol. I had a lucid dream and I went raiding a little girl on twitch and it ended up with her being killed lmao
MDMA , DMA only try once , dont get h00ked
(04-12-2015, 02:15 PM)channel4 Wrote:  MDMA , DMA only try once , dont get h00ked
^challenge accepted Wink

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