Louis C.K.
by junk1127 - 11-14-2017, 12:38 AM
Anyone got any predictions for the outcome of Louie's career after admitting to sexual misconduct?
I still really want to see his movie.
I don' know anything about the movie, but these things are usually always just a brief uproar. I don't think much is going to happen. Also his case was not that serious.
I think he'll continue to be successful.
I don't know what his finical situation is right now but when he does projects (like his movie I love you daddy).
He tends to creep towards being broke pouring money into projects, or so he said on Maron's podcast.
I just wonder if he takes a huge hit, how long will it take him to bounce back?
he better take a huge hit, goddamn weirdo. needs prison time
Nah he'll be back,, he apologized for what he did n people have short memories
He'll be ok, people forgive. Especially if you also happen to be a genius.
I personally don't give a heck about these accusations, and probably so does most of the people. He'll be fine.
Well, he doesn't deny what he did anymore and shows regret but it's over for him I guess.
Other big stars such as Kevin Spacey got fucked quite hard after being exposed about their sexual offenses.
There were multiple people accused of this, I'm secretly enjoying the thought of them losing their fame haha
Yeah spacey got hit HARD. I'm just wonder what outlet he will use to release stuff.
He'll always have his website, but companies (netflix, hbo, fx) don't forget.
he'll be back because of how many accusations were so much worse, and he was toward the end

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