Looking to build a new PC.
by Awesomeist - 04-09-2018, 05:15 AM
Okay so I need a new PC mainly for gaming but other stuff too like school work etc. I have a budget of around $1200 and any help you can offer will be appreciated.
Ryzen is good bang for the buck. Buy a board (Asus I'd say) at the sametime and you'll get a deal. For $1200 it's not going to be the newest stuff but that makes little difference. Single digit perfomance numbers and in extreme edge cases for the most part. Just be thrifty and shop around, compare prices. Maybe wait for a sale. The PC industry has pretty consisted release dates. Most release a 'roadmap' for the future products. So like in August you'll have the 'back to school' sales. There's 'cyber Monday' in November. Of course you don't want wait months to put it all together. Mmm, buy an adequate power supply, but not a 'gold' or 'platinum'. That's largely bullshit.

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