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by FunApe - 11-18-2018, 02:54 AM
(11-18-2018, 02:54 AM)HDzYT Wrote:
Use 2captcha/ anti captcha 
Create new discord accounts using Email list / Password list
Auto verify email (Using an email service like temp mail (Get API)
Provider email:pass:Token

I'll make one for free depending on the register protocol.
You would also need proxy support, since they would flag the shit out of your IP.

For ReCaptcha and such, you can use DBC (Death By Captcha). It's quite cheap
creating new accounts using a list is as easy as importing the list in python, then just throw the input in to requests.
Verification is the only "problem", but as you said, I'm sure there is some free emails with an API available.
Output should be easy too

Should take maybe a few hours to get a working demo out.. I will post it here if I decide to do it
Let me know I almost completed it myself and the email verify is straight forward (email containing "discord welcome" open and click "link" ) as for the proxies that part I did but seems like HQ proxies are needed otherwise it moves to SMS verification but as said I am close to doing it just gonna buy some HQ proxies

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