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Looking for build themes idea
Hey, i've got following components, and i'm looking for a case and theme to build it with.

GTX 780Ti from Zotac
i7 4790K
DarkRock Pro 3
Asrock Z97X Fatality KILLER
16Gigs of Corsair ram (2x8)
2x 256GB SSD from Adata and 1x2TB WD Blue.
600W Full modular BeQuiet.
Not really sure what you mean by "theme"? I guess I would go with "Dope PC that runs really well"
i don't understand the question, am i the only one ?
Ban reason: Multi account leeching (Permanent)
Build it black.  Don't follow the RGB fad.. imo it looks stupid and childish
Well, I've been using my Corsair 900D since around the time it came out and I've loved it.
I always think black and white look cool together

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