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Look for a new OS host better than Windows?
Whats a better OS than Windows for Advanced Coders?
Any suggestions? Comment below ;3
Linux, Debian specifically. Learning it may seem annoying, but it's very fun. I love Linux, it is about 20x the strength of windows.
Linux obviously, gives you way more advantage.
Have you tried Linux I heard it's good.
If you want to stick with Windows, and happen to have Windows 10, you can get Ubuntu bash for your Windows 10
Otherwise, I've seen a lot of people recommend Arch linux
Linux Mint might be for you. Or Ubuntu.
Linux is probably the best out of all the alternatives.
TempleOS, of course.
Ubuntu is my go-to. There are a ton of good distros out there though.
Linux or Mac is good for programming imo Smile
Try one of the many Linux distros.

I used Ubuntu for a year and I liked it.
Ubuntu Linux for development.
Debian Linux for production.

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