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Log cloaked of Administrative Privileges
Hey guys,
I've been paying attention to all the hacks that you have made by now (mostly .bat files), but I'm here to ask you guys for a simple, but actually really useful program:
A log, cloaked of Administrative Privileges.
You know, when you have to install programs or make changes to your computer but you need the Admin's password? Well, what this one does is that, when the password is typed in, what it will actually do is to store the password on a text file. It could be, for example, cloaked as an Windows Update, which will then bring back a fake error while the password was stored on a custom directory.
This would also come in handy when you are, for example, at a library or a school and you'd like to install something but you don't have the Admin password.

I'll just leave this here. Also, thank you for the entertainment. You guys are awesome haha  :heart:
(04-23-2015, 07:42 PM)MLGesus420 Wrote:  i might try to do that :/ 

Great! Does it take too much work or not really?
That's easy. If I was on a Windows OS, I'd whip that up for you. Unfortunately, C++ on OS X does not work well.
(04-24-2015, 02:53 AM)dad Wrote:  That's easy.  If I was on a Windows OS, I'd whip that up for you.  Unfortunately, C++ on OS X does not work well.

0-10 difficulty for a newbie?

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