Linkedin profiles scraped 2015-2018 (23 countries) 13.4kk total
by Tonderba - May 10, 2021 at 08:23 PM
I saw some treads with part of this data on the RF but didn't see full.
For example here is the PL part

Original format of this dump contains millions of files for each country. (1 profile = 1 file). I imported all of these into CSV (1 country = 1 file).




Warning! The data was scrapped from Linkedin profiles between 2015 and 2018.  There are no passwords or hashes only about 10-15% with emails!
Warning!  GE_(1736975) file it's not the country Georgia. it's U.S. state i have no idea why )

Marquez Rolax|Atlanta, Georgia||1482285942||||Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University||Student at Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University|Education Management||261508967|||5859e3766f87f1d07f8b458b|||||||||||||||||||||date : 2008 2014 , title : Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University|
Marquez Roquemore|Mcdonough, Georgia||1482272773|||Ralph Lauren|||Figuring out LinkedIn|Retail||261511008|||5859b0056f87f127148b4570|||||||||||||||||||||date : October 2011 September 2014 , company : Ralph Lauren , position : Sales Associate|Fashion;Merchandising;Retail;Retail Sales;Loss Prevention;Visual Merchandising
Marquez Seals|Augusta, Georgia||1482304718||||||Rapper/Producer/Director|Music||261505465|||585a2cce7087f178218b45c9||||||||||||||||||||||
MarQuez Smith|Tucker, Georgia||1483193842||||University of West Georgia||Student at University of West Georgia|||334262484|||5867bdf274ae45cf788b4588|||||||||||||||||||||date : 2015 2019 , title : University of West Georgia|
Marquez Smith|Atlanta, Georgia||1482488030|Wells Fargo Advisors, Wells Fargo & Co.||||StyleCareers, MULTI UNIT DISTRICT MANAGER NETWORK (4000+++DM and Regional Managers, Recruiter s Guild Forum, Retail Industry Professionals Group, Retail Industry Professionals Worldwide, Forever 21, Connecting Retail HR, Big Box Retail Professionals|Regional Banking Team Member at Wells Fargo & Co.|Financial Services||72430577|||585cf8de7fa0e3af268b45ca|Throw me to the wolves and I shall return; leading the pack. I m a high caliber Personal Banker for on the Regional Banking team with Wells Fargo Bank, NA. I previously was a multi-unit Manager where I led a team of over 150+ direct reports combined between a market of fashion retail stores in Atlanta. I have an additional background in the public education and lite experience with mass transit operations. My ability to build relationships amongst different customer, work and vendor groups allows me to consistently remain at the top of my peers in terms of networking. I believe that regardless of company lines of business, subsidiaries or departmental divides, we all work together to support one customer, one mission and one vision. My strengths are my strong eye for detail, sales accountability trends and development training amongst groups of hierarchy. Specialties: Operations . Troubleshooting . Customer Relations . Employee Relations . Payroll . On-going Training . Public Speaking . Optimizing Results Functioning Under Pressure . Organization||||||||||||||||December 2015||Wells Fargo Advisors|Registered Representative||Blackberry;Employee Relations;Employee Management;Team Building;Operations;Training & Development;Payroll;Hiring Practices;Store Operations;Employee Training;Time Management;Retail;Management;Sales;Training;Merchandising;Loss Prevention;Fashion;Inventory Management;Apparel;Driving Results;Store Management;Visual Merchandising;Trend Analysis;Merchandise Planning
Marquez Stephens|Lithonia, Georgia||1481470358|The Schwan Food Company||||EHS Culture Builders, Nutrient (Phosphorus and Nitrogen) recovery from wastewater as struvite, EHS Elite|Wastewater Technician/EHS at The Schwan Food Company|Food Production||153923346|||584d7196549377031d8b4570|||||||||||||||||||The Schwan Food Company|Wastewater Technician/EHS||
Marquez Stephens|Atlanta, Georgia|English Native or bilingual proficiency|1472138669|||CUTCO Cutlery, Walgreens, Doug Davis Lawn Service|Art Institute of Atlanta||Student at Art Institute of Atlanta|Music||153925445|||57bf0dad50dc1015088b458e|I attend the Art Institute with the desire to further my career in the broad spectrum that audio encompasses. Although, my passion for writing is profoundly momentous, music has always been my relentless obsession.“Music is life,” It’s a passion that has driven people to unimaginable lengths, and for me has always been a source of peace. I personally feel there is never enough room for improvement, and with the proper guidance and training potential is illimitable. My goal is to become a prominent Grammy Award winning music producer and musician, along with obtaining a degree in creative writing and becoming a published author.||||||||||||||||||||date : 2014 2017 , subtitle : Bachelor s degree, Audio Production, FreshmanBachelor s degree, Audio Production, Freshman , description : Activities and Societies: Perform at school shows and various events, occasionally help audio club prepare for events, and orchestrating vocal events , title : Art Institute of Atlanta ; date : 2009 2014 , subtitle : high school diplomahigh school diploma , description : Activities and Societies: varsity basketball, cross country, beginning band, tudor , title : Westside High School ; date : May 2014 August 2014 , description : Being a sales rep. for some of the finest kitchen cutlery demanded me to be very meticulous and punctual when presenting the desired product to clients. People skills are essential and in my opinion one of the key ingredients within the process. The commission based job required me to work out of an office setting environment, book clients via phone and word of mouth, schedule hour long appointments, and methodically present my set of cutlery for the curious client. , company : CUTCO Cutlery , position : Sales Representative ; date : November 2012 August 2014 , description : I was required to run the front register and occasionally photo. My time at Walgreens consisted of stocking isles, organizing the stockroom, setting up seasonal displays, respectfully greeting and helping customers habitually and maintaining a clean front portion of the store in my designated area. , company : Walgreens , position : Service clerk ; date : April 2008 August 2013 , description : I operated a riding lawnmower to cut grass, trimmed and edged the yard, neatly groomed any bushes, and if necessary raked and bagged leaves. Also in charge of blowing the driveway and any other pathways leading to the yard clean. , company : Doug Davis Lawn Service , position : Landscaper|Music Production;Guitar Playing;Creative Writing;Acting;Graphic Arts;Alto Saxophone;Studio Recording;Pro Tools;Logic Pro;FL Studio;Foley Artist;Great;•;Has errors
Marquez Taylor|Suwanee, Georgia||1481311048|Comcast Cable, Comcast||||Freelance Audio Visual Technicians, Freelance Video Techs|Business Ops at Comcast|Telecommunications||130747428|||584b03486ee853f56e8b45c5|||||||||||||||[email protected]||March 2015||Comcast Cable|Business Class Services Specialist||Broadcast;Customer Service;Management;Project Management;Sales;Team Leadership;Television;Video;Video Editing;Training
Marquez Thomas|Columbus, Georgia Area||1481480146|TSYS|||Regis University|||Computer & Network Security||154720750|||584d97d254937789738b45ac|||||||||||||||[email protected]||July 2013||TSYS|Programmer Analyst|date : 2013 2015 , subtitle : Master’s DegreeMaster’s Degree , title : Regis University ; date : 2007 2012 , subtitle : Bachelor of Science (BS)Bachelor of Science (BS) , title : Fort Valley State University|
Marquez Wallace|Savannah, Georgia Area||1482287011||||||Experience Customer Service|Transportation/Trucking/Railroad||261512997|||5859e7a37087f190078b45ab||||||||||||||||||||||
Marquez West|Augusta, Georgia||1481363192|# Teamm Preddy Dopee !|||||Swagg! Counciler** at # Teamm Preddy Dopee !|Automotive||47707852|||584bcef8e674cad14f8b458f|||||||||||||||||||# Teamm Preddy Dopee !|Swagg! Counciler**||
Marquez West|Albany, Georgia Area||1481283692|Albany Technical College||Georgia Feed|Albany Technical College|Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistics, and Transportation, Logistics Network, Marine Corps Logistics Base - Albany GA|Student at Albany Technical College|Logistics and Supply Chain||130799865|||584a986ce674ca01708b456f|||||||||||||||[email protected]||January 2012||Albany Technical College|Student|date : 2012 2014 , subtitle : Associate s degree, Business Logistics Management and Operations ManagementAssociate s degree, Business Logistics Management and Operations Management , title : Albany Technical College ; date : 2009 2010 , subtitle : Bachelor s degree, Computer Network TechnologyBachelor s degree, Computer Network Technology , title : Clayton State University ; subtitle : Diploma, Business Logistics ManagementDiploma, Business Logistics Management , title : Albany Technical College ; date : January 2014 February 2014 , description : Operated forklift to move product around the facility Assisted co-workers on other assignments after I finished my own assignments Helped keep product off the floor using shovels Operated front-end loader to load product into machines , company : Georgia Feed , position : Utility Worker|Logistics Management;Operations Management
Marquez westmoreland|Riverdale, Georgia||1482313353|||Concessions International|||Food & Beverages Professional|Food & Beverages||261514942|||585a4e897087f1136c8b4567|||||||||||||||||||||date : 2010 2012 , company : Concessions International , position : utility|
Marquez White|Douglasville, Georgia||1481360116|Subway|||||Sandwhich maker at Subway|Restaurants||130755294|||584bc2f46ee853e7618b45b0|||||||||||||||||||Subway|Sandwhich maker||
Marquez Wilson|Atlanta, Georgia||1481389319||||Georgia State University||Student at Georgia State University|||142866311|||584c350754937745718b459d|||||||||||||||||||||date : 2009 2012 , title : Georgia State University|
Marquez Zephyr ITILv3|Atlanta, Georgia||1481638164|Verizon Telematics Inc.||MITRE, Wells Fargo --- Formerly Wachovia|||Lead Specialist Engineer - Network Engineering at Verizon Telematics Inc.|Telecommunications||169156691|||58500114599ca10b328b457e|||||||||||||||||September 2012|* Job function was based around routing and switching.. My disciplines for the team were the following: Data Center implementation (Miami/Dallas/China/Germany), Network Monitoring, Network Data Capture design, Packet Capture Troubleshooting, Security Tools implementation, VPN Administration for employees/Offshore/contractors, Tacacs/Radius ACS Administration, Cisco UCS Administrator for Virtual Data Capture and support.. Network administration and upgrades. * Assisted with the design and building out of 2 brand new data centers and supported our international data center interests (China and Germany). Designed plans to help retro fit the original legacy data center. Performed data center audits (cabinet, wire and device) /implementation/first response/legacy device removal. * Designed Verizon Telematics Data Capture Best Practices Model to support troubleshooting: Network, Voip (call center), WEB, Database, vehicle communication and Business Partner Data traffic. This same design also allowed the Security team to perform Network Data Forensics. (Virtual or Physical servers and network devices.) All this done with Gigamon, Viavi CA GigaStor, Empirix, Blue Coat Security Analytics Platform, Cisco Firepower and others Tools... * Designed Verizon Telematics Gigamon ByPass Solution for Network Perimeter In-Line Devices for Security RISC Team.. WAF, IDS/IPS, Proof of Concept Devices needing Real Time Data...|Verizon Telematics Inc.|Lead Specialist Engineer - Network Engineering|title : ITILv3 ; title : A10 Load Balancer Admin ; date : 2007 2012 , description : * Lead Engineer for Configuration Standardization for LAN environments of 2 Campuses. Over 500++ switches to include OSPF Digest keys, Port Security settings, Voice VLAN configurations, QOS and policy mapping. * Lead Engineer for Outernet Migration and upgrade of Cisco 3750 Cat. Switches for campus. * Senior Engineer and administrator of DMZ, PDMZ, Mobility Enclave, IPV6 and Lab Solutions integration * Assisted Windows and Unix Admins for Server Farm moves. Layer3 Core Distribution of DMZ with limited Global VLAN L2 extensions. Transport or Services. * Port-security configuration planning to include DHCP Snooping, IP ARP inspection and OSPF keys * Provide and troubleshoot various solutions for Multiple Client and Sponsor needs to include VPN, Multicast and Wireless solutions. * Write Project Plans to include implementation planning, impact and risk mitigation, user acceptance testing/application verification, back out/ recovery planning and Visio diagrams for Documentation. * Assist with solving trouble tickets for IronPort/BlueCoat Proxies, VPN connections and Simple Firewall troubleshooting. * Assisted with MPLS CORE Network Design Solution, Proof of Concept for possible migration * Implemented, Manage and maintain Cisco IronPort Proxies. Configured approved HTTP,FTP,HTTPS access * Assisted with the implementation of Juniper SSL/NAC VPN solution , company : MITRE , position : Senior Network Engineer and Senior Data Center Distribution Engineer ; date : 2004 2007 , description : * First on the scene for any emergency to provide support for all networking issues from Physical, Configuration, to Tel-com related outages * Implementer for all network related projects for the NYC area * Served as Project Manager, including supervision of vendor relationships (wiring contractors, SAN providers, Verizon, Cisco field technicians) * Contributed to the building of the 375 Park Ave NY HQ Data Center and Trading floor Data rooms (Managed incoming equipment elevations, Lead Cabling Engineer) * Manage 4 Platinum Data centers and 40+ Computer rooms that are out of foot print business units and bank locations * Troubleshoot various issues from the end user to the network. Document causes then setup processes/solutions with help desk to avoid further issues * Responsible for NYC Data Communications Access and Accountability for over 200+ T1s,DS3s and OC+ connectivity * Provide knowledgeable well rounded physical presence for all aspects of technology; Network, Security, Probe and Monitoring, Server Setup Intel/Unix, VoIP Call Manager Clusters * Received numerous awards for exceeding expectations, performance and dedication * Skilled in planning and execution of special projects during time critical environments , company : Wells Fargo --- Formerly Wachovia , position : Data Field Services/ Network Engineer|ITIL;Gigamon;WAN;Security;Network Security;Networking;Data Center;Cisco Technologies;TCP/IP;Active Directory;Integration;VoIP;VPN;Troubleshooting;Project Management;Vendor Management;Windows;Cloud Computing;Network Administration;Disaster Recovery;System Administration;BGP;Requirements Analysis;Servers;Routing;DNS;Firewalls;Cisco IOS;Enterprise Architecture;Program Management;Microsoft Office;OSPF;MySQL;Switches;Apache;Cisco Nexus;Ironport;Cisco ACS;Cisco ASA;Cisco Firepower IDS/IPS;Fortigate Firewalls;Cisco UCS;Data Loss Prevention;CA Gigastor / Observer;Aerohive;NetBrain;A10;Virtual Private Network (VPN);Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP);Cisco Systems Products

Total lines 13.4kk
Total size 2.8G zip and 11.8G unzip

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