Liker Database - Leaked, Download! [Exclusive]
by pompompurin - March 10, 2021 at 03:11 AM
Hello RaidForums Community,
Today I have uploaded the Liker Database for you to download for free, thanks for reading and enjoy!

In March 2021, the social media site suffered a data breach which impacted over 464k Users and was subsequently shared online. Credit for this breach goes to @badhou3a.

Compromised data: Email Addresses, First Names, Last Names, Usernames, Passwords, IP Addresses, Private Messages, Phone Numbers (little), User Data (Bio,Education,Profession), Social Links, Security Questions, Dates of Birth, Website Support Data (Reports,Tickets)

This download consists of 90 .CSV files, each file has a different syntax which is labelled at the header of the file please keep in mind the passwords are stored in bcrypt($2a$08). The .7z File's MD5 Hash is 7DEDC3709A8FF1C61AE3E021B4077F83. Total record count of around 464920 (unique emails).
Email Provider Stats:

[]              166,405      (35.8%)
[]              70,082      (15.1%)
[]            25,170      (5.4%)
[]                21,998      (4.7%)
[]            9,314        (2.0%)
[]                6,555        (1.4%)
[]                5,296        (1.1%)
[]            5,193        (1.1%)
[]            4,139        (0.9%)
[]          3,295        (0.7%)
[Other]                  147,473      (31.7%)

TOTAL: 464,920
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Thanks badhou3a! Youre the best!
This is awesome, thanks for the share
Dope, thanks for sharing!
thanks to @badhou3a lol.
"Badhou3a pwns Liker this much 118mb" hoodies coming soon
People lost their mind over the gab leaks but the private messages within Liker are pretty interesting ..

Quote:181139:279872,0,229823,274960,<blank>,1,Hello pretty I'm Graham William (sugar daddy) I'm looking for a sugar babe that I will spoil with my money. If you are interested you can text me up.,0,0,NULL,NULL,1607413592,0,<blank>,<blank>,0,0,1602651639,1,1,0,NULL,0
Quote:363042:502248,0,267921,275360,5d8c0ea0-06ea-4907-9a6c-985d155fe582-android,1,my slut birth mother had 4 kids. she pawned off 3 of us on children's aid. I found my birth sister and she is a fucking train wreak. constantly drunk. Every time she called me she took it as an opportunity to get shitfaced while she cried about how all her friend were getting busted etc. I finally cut contact with her a few years back because I moved out of Toronto to get away from people like that!,1,0,NULL,NULL,1609258795,275360,<blank>,<blank>,0,0,1609258794,1,1,0,NULL,0
Quote:344457:477042,0,307997,33955,f618394d-7037-4def-b6a5-1f33e830ab6d,0,last time someone said trust me i ended up raped and beaten.\n,1,0,NULL,NULL,0,33955,<blank>,<blank>,0,0,1608050873,0,1,0,NULL,0
Quote:436986:640241,0,310281,312043,<blank>,1,You can text me via message through my cell number. (832) 703-0..,0,0,NULL,NULL,1615045244,0,<blank>,<blank>,0,0,1615044744,1,1,0,NULL,0
Quote:87467:145036,0,223576,205979,<blank>,1,"I don't know, maybe 30, I haven't really kept track.  They all lead you on like they're the greatest thing since sliced bread for a week or so, then they get to the punch line and ask for money.  I spent $25k on one once over a couple years, since that I don't send money, period.  Usually block them when they ask.  Never met any in person of curse since they're really off in Ghana or Nigeria.  Not really any good experiences unless I'm bored looking for someone to chat with, but they never last long.",0,0,NULL,NULL,1604439962,0,<blank>,<blank>,0,0,1598217325,0,1,0,NULL,0
Quote:66713:117499,0,203100,196405,<blank>,1,"I have STD's, Falling arches, and fuckin hang nails. How r u ??",0,0,NULL,NULL,1596981310,0,<blank>,<blank>,0,0,1596674556,0,1,0,NULL,0
Quote:193338:295400,0,247222,265156,<blank>,1,She’s just gone through menopause & not interested in sex any more! I’m desperate! I need to fuck!,0,0,NULL,NULL,1603488824,0,<blank>,<blank>,0,0,1603064554,0,1,0,NULL,0
Quote:218852:326340,0,283527,283056,<blank>,1,I'm new to liker. only reason I'm here is because I'm in Facebook jail for calling melania trump a hooker. LOL. ,0,0,NULL,NULL,1606768341,0,<blank>,<blank>,0,0,1603966319,1,1,0,NULL,0
Quote:424014:621833,0,328657,325529,<blank>,1,You add says you are a hooker and that you want good sex,0,0,NULL,NULL,1614146576,0,<blank>,<blank>,0,0,1614146501,1,1,0,NULL,0
Quote:34651:66746,0,106412,108429,<blank>,1,"Who that fuck you think you are son of a whore, Nazi you are the one who have to go back to those cotton fields bitch.If I ever see you I will Puta bullet in your fucking face. HIJO DE PUTA fucking low life..",2,0,NULL,NULL,1607353856,106412,<blank>,<blank>,0,0,1594154663,1,1,0,NULL,0
Quote:52165:98300,0,201616,748,<blank>,1,I'll sign and share that republican terrorist organization and post it on my FB page but knowing how close trump and the zuck have gotten they'll probably make me take it down\n,0,0,NULL,NULL,1604388046,0,<blank>,<blank>,0,0,1595800363,0,1,0,NULL,0

@badhou3a is the fucking GOAT.
304094,0,278261,261952,<blank>,1,I’ve always had a fantasy of her laying there while a bunch of guys jerk off without touching...and cumming all over her body..,0,0,NULL,NULL,1603677175,0,<blank>,<blank>,0,0,1603336169,0,1,0,NULL,0
[Image: kivhyd.png]


[Image: rgvitx.png]
Dope, thanks for sharing!
Quote:412603:601160,0,101830,217141,<blank>,1,"Go fuck yourself you POS, Cunts like you are destroying the planet and killing the innocent. you don't like my post. I dont give a fuck you twat. scroll on past you fucking retard.",0,0,NULL,NULL,1613261414,0,<blank>,<blank>,0,0,1613259997,1,1,0,NULL,0
Quote:140339:223875,0,258738,167624,<blank>,1,food stamps? hey got a take advantage of the government specially in a situation like this pandemic,0,0,NULL,NULL,1601570475,0,<blank>,<blank>,0,0,1601079558,0,1,0,NULL,0
Quote:84691:141450,0,218713,97788,<blank>,1,klol...Im on welfare\n,0,0,NULL,NULL,1606515992,0,<blank>,<blank>,0,0,1598015705,0,1,0,NULL,0
Quote:102748:168802,0,235065,154822,<blank>,1,"Happy to be with you in the fight against tRump Craig...  I have a small disability that precluded me from being accepted into the Marines, but I love and deeply respect our military and very much appreciate your take on all of this bullshit that we are facing as a democracy.  A huge thank you for your service to me and my family as friends and Americans.  You are the reason why this country will succeed despite the dogma, foreign influence, and wholesale collapse of the Presidency.  I sincerely appreciate your efforts as a true fellow American and I hope that we can change the direction of our country together one degree at a time.\n\n- Skip ",0,0,NULL,NULL,1603738423,0,<blank>,<blank>,0,0,1599213916,0,1,0,NULL,0
Quote:103034:169155,0,228076,88430,<blank>,1,i'm 65  i'm retired and on disability and i live with my daughter and son-in-law  \n,0,0,NULL,NULL,1602729171,0,<blank>,<blank>,0,0,1599229569,0,1,0,NULL,0

Lot's of what you would already expect on a this type of website Smile

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