Letter or apology
by DeadCat2 - September 25, 2015 at 04:07 PM
Story of me being an idiot:
Nearly a week ago I got banned for sending an IP logger to a friend of mine on reforms so I got banned by the mod uncle John Perma I appealed twice and

got shut down like a retard I decided to go ahead and make a new account to start fresh it went well for 1 day, even less before I got caught and then
Perma banned so I made a 3rd account to talk the admin seem in sub because he was on at that moment so I do one join and start talking and I got perm

banned again so I made a final appeal to see if I would get unopened on my main or not I made one with an  explaintation of me being a oldfag etc and i asked for hisokas skype name so i could talk to him 1on1 to finish this once and for all he got back to me and gave me his skype name we started talking

for a bit i explained fo after talking he decided to give me a 2nd chance much appreciated then people started asking questions and i answered sem before banning my alt celeb fan asked if i wanted to tell him my main account and i lied to him about having a main acount so i got banned perm.

First I would like to thank all the admins for even letting me back to this forums

Second I would like to apologize to sem for lying to him about me not being deadcat2 hes nice to me and i was an asshole

Third would like to thank all the mods that were nice to me and kept up with my shit
Fourth would like to thank all the people that replied to the post the my friend potato made about this and supported it

Sorry for the shit english.
I still think you're a massive faggot.
You seem like you really mean it :(
All is forgiven, at least by me.
Don't be a cocktor.
Don't be a cocktor.
(September 25, 2015 at 07:07 PM)lagboy Wrote: I still think you're a massive faggot.

i Love you too
ha gay
Apology Accepted
Why did you lie about deadcat2 - even to me :(
Admins can see your IP and all accs that ever had it....
Newfag Kappa Heart

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