Let's play with autocorrected words above our keyboard (phones only)
by CheeseBoy - December 28, 2015 at 01:46 AM
For example:

I am a beautiful person. if I could be a good day to you by tomorrow morning, I will have the same time as the other hand.

This will help me out with the same old features. and I will be able to make anal.

I am very happy to see you in your area of expertise and I will not let me know what I can get them to you.

You are you looking to move forward. the only one who can be found in a couple of few weeks ago by the grinch.

If you're interested in buying a lot of money to pay for rent, you are not only that but it is the first time I was wondering if you want to be able to get a job in my car

**this was all in my autocorrected area above my keyboard where all the words are. You can do it with your phone also. Let's see how random this will get Keepo
Cancer please get cancer cancer get cancer want cancer get cancer live cancer breathe cancer

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