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Leef Co!

1) This method starts off with you emailing Leef Co complaining that your Leef Co product (choose whatever) has gone wrong and you would like assistance.

2) When they reply deny everything! Say you tried their recovery tools but it never worked.
3) You will now be asked where you purchased it, I suggest Amazon but I guess that you can say anywhere and provide the receipt. 
This is where it gets tricky.
4) They will ask you to send it back out to them after you explain that nothing has worked and they saw the receipt. Now you are going to have to say you want to try and return it to the retailer because there is a reason you can't send it, here you need to make one up yourself.
5) Say the retailer denied helping you and asked you to come back to them regarding the replacement of the broken product.
6) Now these guys aren't the biggest of companies so they check all ingoing mail, this means that you will have to think of a method to avoid sending it off due to the fact boxing won't work.
7) If this went right they will ship you off a brand new USB stick.
:/ Damn this is hard, but I will try.
:/ They will not give you a replacement if you do not ship them the defective drive.

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