Leaks.sh, Free & Unlimited Data Breach Search Engine (Beta)
by Bjorka - February 12, 2021 at 11:04 PM
Nice work.

Would you be willing to talk a bit about how you turned text datasets into an elasticsearch db? I'm still using default text search for my collection and searches are unbearably slow. I'm interested in a good way of indexing it, even if it means more pre-emptive compute up front.
Thanks for sharing this for free man! Really appreciate it.
Thanks mate, I wanted to check it out but received a Error 522 - Connection timed out. Is it me or anybody else?
(April 08, 2021 at 08:15 PM)cyberpeter Wrote: Thanks mate, I wanted to check it out but received a  Error 522 - Connection timed out. Is it me or anybody else?

Nope also getting the 522 error for me as well
Definitely a good tool for you to do the same day or two of us basically the same day as well as the final assignment is the best time ever the guy tomorrow and I will be there at home and expect it will be a little late but I can get a ride home from the apartment complex and I really want it plesseee to be a good idea I'll be
Any ideas as to when the site will be back up? Was the best site of its kind out there in my humble opinion.
(February 12, 2021 at 11:04 PM)Bjorka Wrote:
Hi everyone

Thank you @moot for allowing me to create this thread.

[Image: logo.png]



Because dehashed.com, intelx.io, snusbase.com, leak-looukup.com etc are ridiculous. They charge people to look up data, if you want to their service it you need to register and pay for a subscription.

I built leaks.sh so you can search for any data for free and don't need to register because I don't want to keep your data.

Previously I used scylla.sh, but due to downtime, I decided to build leaks using all databases from raidforums.


1,242,533,850 and counting.

Because at the same time I need to clean up the data and after that it will be processed for indexing a new database. Target by the end of this month, leaks.sh will have more than 13,000,000,000 records.


I use PHP for backend. Indexing all databases using Elasticsearch + Logstash


You can search for anything on leaks.sh using an email, name, username, domain, ip, password, password hash etc.


If you find leaks.sh useful and want to help keep leaks.sh better, you can help with a donation. For more information, please go to leaks.sh/donate


Thank you very much @Omnipotent and raidforums for all databases. I dedicate leaks.sh to all members of raidforums, hope you'll find it useful.


Leaks.sh will give you the results after waiting for about 50 - 60 seconds. That's annoying because I currently only use 1 elasticsearch node for 1.2 B records (569.76 GB). This will require a few changes and add more server but I'll do that later as the server costs will be thousands of dollars a month.

Any idea how to improve? Please reply to this thread or join to telegram group https://t.me/leaksengine

this is interestng but the site is down, thanks for help
great idea thanks for sharing this, when will the site be up?
It doesnt load on me somehow......
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Nice site, The site looks great too Congrats!

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