Leaked Databases Search Engine
by BalonTheMan - October 29, 2019 at 12:41 PM
godd share boss brother
I am curious to see this.
Weleakinfo is pretty good imo, pretty expensive though. I usually just send them databases for a free subscription
Lets see if it can compare lol
Interested in seeing what it is.
Wasn't weleakinfo seized by the FBI back in January??

I have a newbie database-related question. I tried to ask it in a new thread in this random discussion section here, but the thread was deleted by a mod and I have no idea why. My question is Does Raid Forums have databases that aren't on dehashed.com? I'm just trying to figure out if it's worth buying any of the databases here or if they all end up getting sold to dehashed anyway and I can just access them there.

Also, if anyone knows for what reason my thread was deleted, I'd like to know. I PM'd the mod with no response. Just wondering if I broke some rule here. Thanks.
(October 29, 2019 at 12:41 PM)BalonTheMan Wrote: I have tried various services like weleakinfo, ghostproject, dehashed, but the one that seems to have the biggest database collection is the website below, and it is not very expensive either. 

if you guys don't know what a leaked database search engine is, it's just a website which has collected a large amount of leaked databases and allows you to search through the uncensored results for cash. Like for example if your friends information has been leaked because he has signed up to some unsecure site or the site has been hacked (Even big sites can be hacked and have been hacked and large quantities of information has been leaked from these sites) before then his credentials will show up on the search engine. All you will need is his email, you can even search for email domains like your school domain if you want. Basically if your friend uses the internet even a little bit and is over the age of ~17 then their information will probably show up.

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i will have a look into this
(November 01, 2019 at 07:33 AM)EPP Wrote: They all seem to be about the same these days. So I guess it comes down to price. There's even a project on github that makes it real easy to have your own version locally. dataleaks is the name.

Hehe, you cant have your own version locally with Dataleaks because it is running MySQL and it is too slow to handle the amount of data youd like to put in.
Very interesting indeed
i mean, it's probably taken down already but if it's not, ty Heart
Thanks for the help mate !

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