Leads files, check this one of over 2,100 that I have.
by Crazyoldfart - December 09, 2018 at 10:49 AM
Thanks bud, would appreciate the leads
(December 09, 2018 at 10:49 AM)Crazyoldfart Wrote: I have over 2,100 of these files. They are leads, shit filled out by idiots & then sold to other idiots looking to sell them shit. Only reason I collect them is they have birthdays in some of them like this one. I'm looking for anything with birthdays in it, but at the moment have no credits to get shit & all I do is get things away. I have no time to bull-shit & sell crap, I'd rather just download something or give away files & see if someone has something I want to get the rest of what I do have. The whole file is 63 GB.

its a file with over 2,100 leads files, not consumer data, LEADS. There is a difference. I found a list with them in it through Archives.org a while back & it stayed up till February of 2018. I copied any old ones that were available to me through Archives.org , so don't bother looking for more. The site from what I gathered was sold to another person in Las Vegas, NV & no longer has any new ones posted. At the time, I got new files every week till February 2018. One of them every week had BIRTHDAYS & that was what I wanted & named the file for. Yes, some are OLD data, so don't piss & moan about it, I told you so. Most are from 2017 to 2018. If you can't READ, don't ask me stupid questions, I told you everything about them. LEADS, not Consumer data.  I forgot, its called  Birthdates in LEADS .7z
17.48 GB
  ATTENTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I re-posted this, so FIND IT & get the file before it EXPIRES & will be GONE FOREVER, unless it gets into the Official Database files. PAY ATTENTION to the DATE I post things, they EXPIRE & I have no control over it.
RE: Onlyfans.com 263x (Unchecked)
That could be useful, thanks for the share bro.

EDIT: The link is down :(
Thanks - I missed some of your previous ones but will see if I have more luck with this one
Thanks for sharing for free, appreciate,
thank for sharing mate, good stuff
thnx for share yoo Heart
thanks Crazyoldfart for this Smile

Edit: Link is dead :(
(January 08, 2019 at 05:12 PM)Triplebeats1000 Wrote: Dudw,.... thanks for the share... this looks pretrty csick
Thank you for sharing this
thanks man going to take a look

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