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LeIsIs want you to see this
Hello. My Name is Ali Atwa(Fake name ofc). Im the leader of the little group called LeIsIsTeam. i got banned from youtube for uploading beheadings. Well i have over 500 Jihad nasheeds. And the worst pc ever.. 

i also like to raid and do creepy and weird shit. just if its funny. Kappa
I like to hangout with other raiders(only if they dont sound like they got kicked very fucking hard in the nuts)
i like to raid on twitch aswell. im really good to do that. i have done 3 raids of my own. and all was done without any fails(no records yet)
What music do i like. Well [Image: 2faf84ad8ea6f9a19f9b2f5e6c783293.png] That should give you and idea Kappa
i love the terrorist Group ISIS. im always ready for some action. that is around isis
i have an youtube aswell. its right now on a ban for about 60 days or so. Like i care much Kappa
Well i dont have alot to talk about. Ask if you want more info. Oh btw

My real age is 19 Years old. im Living in a country called Estonia. No more Real info for now Kappa   Kappa
Welcome @IsIsTeam To Raid Forums...
Make sure to read the rules and have fun.

r u the real isis
Can Jihadi John just behead my fucking friend already? I've been asking for weeks
Welcome to raidforums. dont be autistic and youll be fine
(09-06-2015, 01:51 PM)SirBlastoise Wrote:  Welcome to raidforums. dont be autistic and youll be fine

Im no autist so i will be fine Kappa
is this jihadi john pls sign autograph
please don't bomb me
welcome :^)
I dont know why but I think ur a ban evader I mean there were 3 isis team ban evaders all 3 have the fake name ali.. anyways welcome
>make an introduction
(09-06-2015, 07:11 PM)lagboy Wrote:  >make an introduction
Kappa [Image: 3ffc788777f19a005bdce7f2bc6b9fe3.png]
Ooo. Spooky ISIS team. Did you enjoy the ISIS Redroom as much as we did? Welcome to the forums.

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