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Layer 4 Technologies - IP Stresser and Internet Booter | 20Gbps+ User Attacks

Who We Are

Layer 4 Technologies is a professional IP Stresser and Internet Booter that puts usability and power in first place. Featured #2 on, the leaders in IP Stresser and server stress testing rankings based on attack power and reliability.

Dedicated Power

We use multiple high quality Intel Xeon dedicated servers with unmetered 1 Gigabit lines and spoofed attacks to power our services. We can provide a total network of over 250Gbps and 35Gbps+ guaranteed user attacks with our proprietary Mixed UDP method. This incorporates multiple high amplification UDP attack methods into a devastating packet storm.

Zero Downtime

99.98% uptime makes us the most stable server stress testing service on the market. Our network architects are constantly standing by to mitigate DDoS attacks and repair errors, striving to increase uptime and usability. Our dedicated servers are never switched off and are always available for your use.

24 x 7 x 365 Support

Our policy is 100% satisfaction and that no concern goes unheard. All of our support tickets are answered by administration so your issues are handled directly. Open a ticket on our website to ask about any special pricing or discounted packages.

Privacy and Security

We keep no private information and all of your attacks are sent anonymously. There is no trace back to you or our services so feel free to utilize Layer 4 Technologies for all of your stress testing needs.

give me vouch and ill review
I'd be glad to provide the vouch copy.
(04-04-2016, 04:39 PM)Kronus Wrote:  I'd be glad to provide the vouch copy.

Do you think you could provide a vouch copy for me too? i'll make a proper balanced review with tips and pointers.
Go ahead and PM me with your desired usernames.
(04-04-2016, 04:39 PM)Kronus Wrote:  I'd be glad to provide the vouch copy.

I wish a vouch copy, thanks.

can i get a vouch copy
Still offering a few vouch copies to reputable members.
Good botter, i was able to hit off myself and my website ( vouching 4 this good booter
used this booter to hit off entire internet for a few hours. i vouch
hook me up when this stresser is back up!
Could i get a vouch copy please.

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