Laptop Suggestions?
by purah - 11-15-2017, 04:50 PM
I want to get a Laptop on black Friday to do things like work on and to watch youtube/streams at the same time oh and also to potentially play some low end games on, could anybody recommend me a good Laptop to get within the price range of around £250-£400 which can meet what i'm wanting to do on it?
Depends where you're getting it from but try HP Envy m6 - any model
anyone could help me with the same needs and the same budget?
@crispynight any entry model can accomplish those tasks. When new models come out and the old ones are discounted, buy one of them. You'll get more machine for the buck. Acer is cheap, but cheap for a reason so I would stay clear of them. I've never gone wrong with anything from Asus.

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