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LUX: Introduction
Hey, I'm luxury; lux for short.
Welcome @LuxDesigns To Raid Forums...
Make sure to read the rules and have fun.

I think you mean @[GOD] Lagboy.

And I hope you aren't copying anymore Raidforums GFX for RN. Would be a shame if you got banned already.
Le admin has spoken.

Welcum have fun, be cool, buy me mvp!
(10-10-2015, 08:11 PM)Ravioli Wrote:  Le admin has spoken.

Welcum have fun, be cool, buy me mvp!

>buy me mvp
>is one of the rare 18+ members
Welcome Lux Smile please read the rules so I don't have to banerino you
Best not to talk about RN here on RF, it's counted as cross advertising. Best to leave it there, except if you're trying to demonstrate you have experience in design.
Welcome to Raid Forums.
Does this ring a bell?
[Image: 9Nexfnj.png]
@[GOD] Lagboy Stop threatening innocent people.

And yes I may be sort of ban evading but I just need to get this out and I will leave once again and not bother RF again.

Ban reason: None (Permanent)
welcome @[GOD] Lagboy
That ai ai ai ai
Do you have other RF accounts? Enjoy the forums by the way.

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