Kyoto [twitch chatfucker]
by Cum - September 24, 2015 at 04:41 AM
[insert dank logo here]

What this bot does:
It loads as many accounts as you want into a specific users Twitch stream and then the bots will either copy what you or one of your friends say or sing a song (such as Moonman kkk) aggressively to assure the streamer notices it. This bot will be constantly updated.

[maybe] Chat logger mode - Logs a chat in a stream to a txt file
Sing-a-Song - Sings a song from text file on as many accounts as you want
Copycat - Copys what a specific person says
Command Support - Bots can be turned on and off with a simple command
L33tspeak - Instead of regular spamming you can turn it into super awesome L33t spamming! :D
Join Message - All the bots will send a customizable join message when they enter

Preview of the executables (it's not completely coded yet):
[Image: 6a1ec9ce75.png]
[Image: c90ceac37a.png]

Feel free to suggest features!
Holy shit this is going to make raids crazy, imagine 10 people with this bot spamming stuff. But great job and I can't wait for release
amazing bot, cant wait for the release, more pacifically a debian port
Now that he is RIP will we ever get that bot? Keepo

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