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Kek Squad
yo, let's fucking dox this kid
Can i join kek squad plox im good at prank calls
Can i teh join plox
H3ll0, my n4m3 15 Ph0nkym4n 4nd 1 w0uld l1k3 t0 j01n y0ur squ4d
Nice team you got there!
(06-01-2015, 04:39 PM)Lezus Wrote:  Nice team you got there!

Thank you.
We are no longer recruiting, please do not ask to join any more. Also, if you had applied and have not heard from us, you have not been accepted into Kek Squad.
I assume I am already in here
This group is closed down, no other members are allowed to join unless we fully say it's okay.
!! NOTE !!

The one who asked to get someone swatted has been kicked from the group, he made it look like we are the ones that sent the bomb threats and we swatted when we really didn't. He was mad that we kicked him out of the group therefore he left the group with a long paragraph explaining the fact that he doesn't like the members and how we treat him.

All we do is do normal raids.

SWATTING is a no and it equals an instant kick from the group.

We are sorry that you thought that was the genuine part of Kek Squad, we would never do such a thing. And if we did, we would be sure to record it and post it on our YouTube for likes and views. Doesn't look like there is a single video up about swatting and we promise that we will never do that. I promise you we wouldn't.

We are resolving the issue, and we hope that you know this stuff is for the birds. We kick shit like that right out of our group.

Hope you people a wonderful day.

( Thank you for reading this, and I hope everyone understands. )
(05-29-2015, 09:38 PM)Tuck00z02 Wrote:  I WANT IN PuRE_Kustom will DIE You can apply here.
(06-01-2015, 11:12 AM)triplekmafia47 Wrote:  Can i join kek squad plox im good at prank calls Apply here.

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