Kayo.moe 150k COMBOLIST [email:pass] [unverified]
by pakuriem - September 13, 2018 at 05:03 PM
first post - go easy on me. found this from crackeditaly but its some new accounts over at kayo.moe. have not tested these accounts but either way could be a good addition for your password cracking wordlists. I just cut out the pw and piped to uniq and added it to my own wordlists to enrich my custom dataset.

have fun

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Good contribution. Keep up the good work m8
Thank you for this nigga!
Cool Thats have you post that
Thanks for this, waiting for full one to come out too :D, anyone know where to find?
gg ty buddy silver not good
Thank you very much, this is great
thanks man keep it up
noice thats quite a bit there
and these are not encrypted at all ?
Hey,thanks a lot,man.
I wonder when the full one will be available xD
Thanks for this mate, awesome!

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