Kali Linux as primary OS?
by johnm - 01-18-2019, 11:44 AM
Hey Gus,
I am wondering how often you are using Kali linux and if some of you are using it as the primary OS?

The latest releases of Kali linux are works very well compare to the old versions..
Hi there!

I only use Kali for conducting security audits. I prefer a clean Debian, Arch or fcking Windows as primary OS, for work and home.

Kali cames with lot of tools that I don't need everyday xD. However any linux distro is always a good choice.
No real reason to use Kali as primary as far as I'm concerned. it's a set of tools and that's it.
It's like living in a garden shed. Yes, you can do it. doesn't mean it's nice....
I think we should make the new channel before termination
Kali as primary OS? Hell no i like doing other things beside pen testing :p. I have it as a VM on both my pc and laptop for pen testing and for nothing else but that
pirmary os for kali is nice
Hello. Currently I use dualboot of kali linux and linux.
Thanks for sharing my friend
I use Kali on my Lenovo laptop.  Even though it contains all the hacking tools, it also contains all "normal" packages.  It follows Debian's distro, so you can "apt install" any packages you need to make it work like a regular distro.  I've never had any problems finding anything I need.
I don't see the need of Kali as primarily. Also is nice to have separation between kali and other stuff you do.
Kali isn't meant to be your primary OS. But you can if you want.

Keep all the security stuff apart of your everyday "real" life.
Best to keep them separate. Chose an OS for primary that will do other things you want to do.

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