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July 12th 2015 Habbo Raid Thread | UPDATED CONSTSANTLY
(If this thread was pinned i would thank the god Summit)

So, on July 12th, 2015. There will be a Habbo Raid.
Oldfags may remember me as Moonless / Grapeless in the Steam days, and if you remember correctly, I was the person to direct the habbo raid on Feb 2nd when the whole community was on steam, and known as 4Chan Raids. I'll take the liberty to once again type out a plan for the upcoming raid. This thread will be constantly updated, so don't fret if not everything is done. I have a life faggot.

ROOMS : Picnic Area, Coffee House, Welcome Area

OUTFITS : [Image: 47P5hds.png] [Image: 6q1cipG.png]


DATE : July 12th 2015
Sweet! I've heard about these raids and the famous "Pool's closed", but I've never got to participate in them. Can you explain how this is going to work?
I'll try and join it, how will these work

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