Juice Lemon o Orange Juice?
by n0va775 - August 24, 2017 at 07:27 AM
whats are u favorite juice, in my opinion, best juice 're orange, what do you say?
You should try half orange- half mango!
yayy orange juice is my favourite :з

orange juice everybody!
If I want to refresh, my voice goes to juice lemon.
I definitely prefer Orange Juice, and it's probably one of my favorite fruit juices.
the fresh juice from a vag
orange juice, lemon juice is for faggots
Ass crack juice.
Wtf is wrong with all these retarded threads.

I'm gonna make a new thread: "What's the best way to stick a knife in your eye"
Reply to that motherfuckers
I don't drink Lemon Juice but Vodka with soda water and lemon juice is really good and you can barely taste the vodka.
from this 2 i will take orange, but best for me is pineapple juice, u can also put vodka in this
apple juice is so good yooo
If it's fresh, orange juice all the way. but sometimes I guess i prefer apple if it's from the bottle and aint fresh

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