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Judge electrocutes man on trial
Judge George Gallagher has a mental problem. He is torturing people in his courtroom and the defendants attorney Bill Ray stands by and does nothing.

Hi All, I'm new here, first post. I don't have the skills yet to Dox these two but maybe there are others who do. If i violated any protocols w this post it was not intentional, just learning the ropes.

Please take a look at what these fuckers are up to and bring the hurt!
Man this notr still work
"notr"?? sorry bro don't get it..
He deserves to be electrocuted and tortured himself if he does that kinda stuff
du ju think abount dis
Considering what crime he commited I believe he deserved the shocks but it still shouldn't have happened. ''Morris’s trial defense attorney, Bill Ray, told Texas Lawyer he didn’t object to use of stun belt during trial because his client was acting “like a loaded cannon ready to go off.” He also claimed he did not believe Morris was really being shocked.'' with attorneys like these you will probs end up doing 25 to life for a parking ticket.

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