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Join the club at Nation Builders & download a few FREE Voter lists
The main page to start your getting files from:  , then post them on here. Get the hard to get states first, like California, Wisconsin, Alabama & so on.
 From their bull-shit email to me:
Amidst the upheaval of 2018, there was one constant for us here at NationBuilder: how extraordinary this community is. In the face of relentless change, you organized, you mobilized, and you impacted millions of people. We had the privilege of witnessing firsthand as communities formed—and transformed—overnight.
2018 was NationBuilder's ninth birthday, so in this Year in Review, we celebrate nine standout leaders whose stories remind us that nothing is impossible. We also dig into issues like data privacy and expanding the pipeline of those running for office, while sharing what will fuel our efforts to equip leaders everywhere in 2019.

Download the NationBuilder 2018 Year in Review
We're so proud to serve this community of leaders. And we can't wait to help you build the future.
Thanks for being a part of NationBuilder,
Lea Endres
Co-Founder and CEO

  The link in case its not working above:

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