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Japan's cyber-security minister has 'never used a computer'
Its all about japanese traditions and their singular way of relate the knowledge/experience with age.
It is so funny.. really
For sure it made him the desired advertising
Okay. thanks for sharing the detail.
I heard that someone tried to send him a malicious macro by mail, but it couldn't fit the envelope hahaha
This is what's wrong with this world. At least part of what is wrong with it. Sad if true.
can't be real lmao                                                                                        this shit is fucking pointless
How can you be leading in cyber-security if you've never even been using a computer at all in your life? I mean, you wouldn't even learn about common exploits without touching a computer and playing around with hacking yourself.
Hi age gives the reason why, but there are plenty out there who have used one. He is rare.
This is scaring ... :D
before u laugh EU...
2014-2016 Gunther Oettinger, EU comissioner for digital economy, barely speaks english. Seems this priviliged politicians get jobs based on sympathy not competence.
After seeing zuckerberg in court and the result of that... I remain totally unsurprised at the lack of knowledge these political zombies hold.

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