Is your android device rooted?
by A99MUS - 05-03-2019, 11:52 AM
Poll: Is your android phone rooted?
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3 60.00%
2 40.00%
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if, yes then what apps are u using?
if no then wtf?
Funny thing... that's exactly what im doing at the moment hahaha
Yes it is! There is no way I can do sh*t I like when it's not!
My phone isn't rooted. But my tablet is.
(05-03-2019, 04:22 PM)jop Wrote: My phone isn't rooted. But my tablet is.

Same here. Using it to destroy my neighbors' wi-fi spots.
i prefer iphone....!!!!!!!
I'm currently using a Oneplus6, been looking through the guides on how to root these devices and it seems risky... I think stock OxygenOS is quality!
For a long time I had always rooted my phone and installed a custom rom. But now I get old and after the last fuckup with lineageos where I lost my data and stupid me did not create a backup first I gave up on a "secure" phone.
My personal phone: hell no, don't want to do anything to reduce the already questionable security on it, plus it's running mainline Android anyway so no bloatware on it.
The myriad of other Android devices I have for experimenting and whatnot: some of them.
no its not rooted but i will consider it rooting
My phone is rooted but I can't update it now but will work on that soon! Smile
My old phone was rooted just to save snapchats Smile
But now I got a new phone and I am not throwing the warrancy for some pics. And I can screenshot easily anyways Smile

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